Proud to Provide GOLF INSTRUCTION at Tumwater Valley and Mint Valley Golf COurses


​Our instructors have built a curriculum unlike any in the region.  What makes it unique?  Because it’s built around YOU!  We will build a program that covers your specific goals. Whether you are an advanced player or someone just learning the sport, together we will cover every aspect of the game in detail.   We will touch on all fundamentals of the game and provide efficient practice drills.  Each player will have a customized program created for their personal improvement with ample follow up.  You, the player, will have a professional program designed for success!

Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds in golf and we are confident in finding you the ideal fit for your learning capabilities.   Rather than fitting one teaching philosophy upon our students, we will work with the student to improve within their capabilities.  This program is designed to take golf learning to the next level with an understanding of HOW to accomplish your goals.

At the end of the day, golf is more fun when we improve.

VGA Instructors:

Jordan Baird

Jeff Evans

Seth Nickerson

Russ Olsen

​Gregg Patterson

To provide every student with a solid foundation built on golf fundamentals and a love of the game.


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